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About Us

Staying at the forefront of the educational industry, ASM’s ExEd centre has uniquely focused programs that surpass intellectual as well as physical boundaries, while updating or renewing the skills of working professionals or entrepreneurs.

Identifying the dearth of well-trained employees in the industry, ASM has curated economical courses for professionals to sharpen their competencies with a global mindset. It aims to impart relevant and overarching edification to experienced executives and qualified employees. The tools taught are mapped to a real-world setting which help to build the stage for professional success. Growth-minded individuals can establish practical action plans for their organisations in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.

Always a strong advocate of innovative, diversified learning, ASM has collaborated with renowned national and international institutes bringing to you a faculty of excellence.

Preparing for a promotion, finding the right department of work & adding value to your resume are the goals one can achieve with the help and guidance of these curated programs. One may apt for a set course or a combination of courses as per an individual’s or company’s interest. A company may also customize courses as per the requirements of the organization, at an exceptional value.

To be a world center of learning that excels in Management and Information Technology, Education, Research, Training and Consultancy.

Our mission is to attain excellence in education so as to contribute to the socio-economic transitions in the nation at all the levels by presenting unique pedagogical opportunities aimed at developing effective, committed and dedicated, socially responsible global managers and leaders who make valuable contributions to all levels of the corporate world and society.

As Scott Beardsley asserts, “Executive education is more of life-long learning than a one-time graduation course.”

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