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Management Development Programs (MDP)

MDPs at ASM Group of Institutes provide an excellent opportunity for working professionals to realign themselves with the latest management concepts, techniques and tools. Executives working in diverse functional areas get insights into Strategic, Operational, Executional and Analytical aspects of management. MDPs at ASM are enriching and bring field experience into the classrooms in the form of case studies, Faculty lead facilitation, MOOCs and other modes of learning. For MDPs, ASM Group has a full-fledged infrastructure at Mumbai and Pune in Western India & also access to corporate training centers across India.

The faculty for the MDPs is a combination of academicians and industry experts who deliver the Program for the Senior Executives, Managers and Business Owners. The course content has been aligned to International benchmarks and Indian business context. The MDP utilizes case studies, discussions and seminars for the delivery of the Program. Customized training Programs are also offered based on training need analysis and internal training requirements of the industry.

Organization Development (OD) is the art and science of stimulating organisational success by bringing planned changes in the systems and processes of work to respond to the needs of a dynamic business environment.

In an effort to building and helping OD professionals, ASM has collaborated with ISODC, which is a leading international OD association. Its members are OD consultants, professors, students, corporates, non-profits and NGOs, and other professionals around the globe. The ISODC is dedicated to providing professional development, trainings and webinars, publications, consulting and advisory services, and certifications to individuals and organisations around the world.

The ODC Executive Leadership Workshop is an intensive, meticulous and interactive workshop that will help in developing new professional leaders, who are experiencing disruptive change and want to understand how to orchestrate business processes, systems, projects and people strategies to effectively enable exponential change.

Set up in 1907, in the wake of Swadeshi Movement to represent Indian Businesses, IMC is a premier chamber of trade, commerce and industry in India. The International Society for Organizational Development & Change (ISODC) is the leading international OD association. ASM ExEd is a leading executive education centre, with a legacy of over 3 decades, catering to the training needs of professionals across India.

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